Responsibilities of a good student

There are also some duties of a good student to perform them honestly. Good students are not necessarily always the most intelligent ones; rather, they are the ones who have a few basic attributes that allow them to invest themselves totally into the task of learning. The purpose of education is to produce ideal persons to face the responsibilities of the future. This aim can be achieved only when the students are sincere and they acquire the education in the real sense.

Responsibilities of a good student

Duties of a Good Student Posted Date: Aamir Shahzad Member Level: Student should be considered equally important on all subject and It is the moral duty of every learner that he should provide proper respect and reverence to his teachers. So In this Article I will explain about duties of a Good student.

Duties of student It is universal reality that all of us have been created by the sole creator of this universe, Almighty Allah.

Responsibilities of a good student

One of them is the role as a student. As it is well known that this period demands some special duties for the success of student. Some important obligations of student are describe in the coming lines.

But if this is not so then. Proper and continuous Every student should pay proper and continuous attention towards his final goal. Equal Importance on every subject Every subject should be considered equally important by a student.

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The final result card would be the arrogates of marks all subject not one or to so every subject plays it role in the division.

Teacher Respect It is the moral duty of every learner that he should provide proper respect and reverence to his teachers. These are the only teacher who lift him from earth to sky from zero to hero from darkness to light from ignorance to knowledge from unknown to known and above all from man to crown of creation.

Complete their homework Every student is bond complete him home assignments and notebook with in time. But these removers would be useless.

The role and regulation of the Institution should be followed strictly. Good Friends It is prime duty of every should that he should have good company of friends to whom he may study and consult the different educational problems.

Responsibilities of a good student

It is the common fact that him company would be his identity. We all know a man is known by the company he keeps. And other vital factor is that a student should provide equal heed to practical as well as theory. On of these should be ignored. He should also be the matchless model of others follow.Nov 16,  · How to Be a Responsible Student.

In this Article: Succeeding In School Being Responsible Outside of Class Planning For Your Future Living a Healthy Lifestyle Community Q&A Being a student can be difficult.

You have to balance your schoolwork with your other responsibilities, which may include work or time with friends and family%(). The Student Teacher's Responsibilities: As a new member of a professional community, student teachers assume a variety of professional obligations and responsibilities.

These are well-detailed in the Student Teaching Handbook updated and distributed annually by Villanova University's Department of Education and Human Services. A good student should be loyal and obedient to the teachers because "Obedience is the key to the door of success." A good student must know the true meaning of trust, self esteem, obedience and confidence.

Responsibilities Of Agood Student quotes - 1. Paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell.

It is every student’s responsibility to be familiar with the complete list of students’ rights and responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution of the Student Body.

Copies are available in the Student Senate office, campus life office, and the dean of student development’s office. Responsibilities of a good student essay. Short essay about friendship with authors can do mining task 4 essay ut austin essays word limit gta 5 auto best essays essay report national day celebration essay on stri bhrun hatya in english ivy tech sellersburg admissions essay .

Responsibilities of a good student essay