Health promotion and nursing assessment

Restructuring perception of body image.

Health promotion and nursing assessment

Tell the client her questions are irrelevant ANS: D The woman should be assured that all of her questions are relevant and important.

Health promotion and nursing assessment

It is important to begin any client interaction with a smile. This assists in putting the client at ease. If the nurse speaks in a relaxed manner, the client will likely be more relaxed during the interview. Always ensure the clients comfort prior to beginning the interview.

The nurse guides a woman to the examination room and asks her to remove her clothes and put on an examination gown with the front open. The woman states, I have special undergarments that I do not remove for religious reasons.

The most appropriate response from the nurse would be: You cant have an examination without removing all your clothes.

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Ill ask the doctor to modify the examination. Tell me about your undergarments. Ill explain the examination procedure, and then we can discuss how you can have your examination comfortably.

Health promotion and nursing assessment

Ive never heard of such a thing! That sounds different and strange. C Explaining the examination procedure reflects cultural competence by the nurse and shows respect for the womans religious practices.

The nurse must respect the rich and unique qualities that cultural diversity brings to individuals. The examination can be modified to ensure that modesty is maintained. In recognizing the value of cultural differences, the nurse can modify the plan of care to meet the needs of each woman.

Telling the client that her religious practices are different or strange is inappropriate and disrespectful to the client. A woman arrives at the clinic for her annual examination. She tells the nurse that she thinks she has a vaginal infection, and she has been using an over-the-counter cream for the past 2 days to treat it.

The nurses initial response should be to: Inform the woman that vaginal creams may interfere with the Papanicolaou Pap test for which she is scheduled b.

Reassure the woman that using vaginal cream is not a problem for the examination c. Ask the woman to describe the symptoms that indicate to her she has a vaginal infection d.

Ask the woman to reschedule the appointment for the examination ANS: C An important element of the history and physical examination is the clients description of any symptoms she may be experiencing. Although this statement is true, the best response is for the nurse to inquire about the symptoms the woman is experiencing.

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Women should not douche, use vaginal medications, or have sexual intercourse for 24 to 48 hours before obtaining a Pap test. Although the woman may need to reschedule a visit for her Pap test, her current symptoms should still be addressed.

One purpose of preconception care is to: Ensure that pregnancy complications do not occur b. Identify women who should not become pregnant c.


Encourage healthy lifestyles for families desiring pregnancy d. Ensure that women know about prenatal care ANS: C Preconception counseling guides couples in how to avoid unintended pregnancies, how to identify and manage risk factors in their lives and their environment, and how to identify healthy behaviors that promote the well-being of the woman and her potential fetus.

Preconception care does not ensure that pregnancy complications will not occur.General health promoters are expected to have knowledge of health promotion, effective health promotion actions, national health and social care policies and to have the ability to apply these to their nursing practice (Witt and Puntel de Almeida, ; Whitehead, ).

Learn quiz chapter 3 health promotion nursing with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of quiz chapter 3 health promotion nursing flashcards on Quizlet. 1 Table of Contents Overview of Health Promotion Model (HPM) 2 Key Concepts in Nursing Defined as a Basis for the Health Promotion Model 3.

Assessment & Planning Models, Frameworks & Tools. Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir. including the conduct of a community health assessment and the development of a community health improvement plan.

Community health Promotion: the agenda for the ’90s, PATCH. Chapter Assessment and Health Promotion Lowdermilk: Maternity & Womens Health Care, 11th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.

Due to the effects of cyclic ovarian changes in the breast, when is the best time for breast self-examination (BSE)? a. Between 5 and 7 days after menses ceases b. Day 1 of the endometrial cycle c.

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Midmenstrual cycle d. . During the assessment and evaluation, the responsibility for self-management, health promotion, and enhancement of wellness are emphasized. Nursing care includes assessment, planning, education, counseling, and referral as needed, as well as commendations for good self .

Health Assessment and Promotion in Nursing Practice Course Syllabus