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Early records[ edit ] One of the earliest accounts of Islam's possible presence in North America dates towhen a Moroccan slave, called Estevanicowas shipwrecked near present-day Galveston, Texas. While enslaved, he became the religious leader and Imam for a slave community numbering approximately eighty Muslim men residing on his plantation. During the War ofMuhammad and the eighty Muslim men under his leadership protected their master's Sapelo Island property from a British attack.

Gulen institute essay

Diplomacy or war, democracy or military coup? It involves political leadership, bureaucracy, civil society, community leaders and others who play a role in or influence decision-making and the implementation of laws and policies within society.

How did military interventions affect the population and civil institutions in the country? You can submit your essay from HERE. The main goal of the Institute is to promote academic research as well as grass roots activity towards bringing about positive social change, namely the establishment of stable peace, social justice, and social harmony by focusing on the themes of education, volunteerism and civic initiatives… We envision a world community in which the achievements of human civilization in terms of human relationships equal or surpass the achievements in science and technology… Our vision is to put the advanced means of communication, media and mobility in the service of social harmony.

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We aim to advance mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation amongst people from diverse backgrounds, and thus serve all humanity, without discrimination. Deadline for Essay Submission31 January Gulen Institute Youth Platform Essay Competition Poverty entails limitations upon populations in education, finance, human potential, substance and shelter, gender class differences, all limitations that tax food sources, curtailing the potential of the cultures’ youth, loss of capital in maintenance and little for developing sustainable of.

Mar 07,  · Paris is a mess: Up to , illegal immigrants live in just one suburb. A new parliamentary report shows that the number of migrants living in a Paris suburb may be nearing ,, according to Paris Vox.

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The Gulen Institute Youth Platform Worldwide Essay Competition Deadline: 15 December The Gulen Institute Youth Platform at the University of Houston is open for essay entries from students around the globe on a given topic and relating to one of the below mentioned discussion questions.

Gulen Institute Web, Houston, TX.

Gulen institute essay

likes. Established in October , the Gülen Institute is a non-profit research organization dedicated to the.

Gulen institute essay

Peace Islands Institute is a not-for-profit peacebuilding organization established in The media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, interviewed the former United States of America's First Lady, Michelle Obama, for the December edition of Elle.

Peace Islands Institute is a peace building organization