Epoxi to comet hartley 2 essay

Journal of Lightwave Technology, 31 2.

Epoxi to comet hartley 2 essay

Physics World The team believes that the research provides evidence that fluctuations in the cosmic-ray flux caused by changes in solar activity could play a role in climate change.

Other climate researchers, however, remain sceptical of the link between cosmic rays and climate. The conventional view of climate scientists, as expressed in the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is that most of the warming of the Earth's surface over the last few decades is down to the atmospheric build-up of manmade greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

But Henrik Svensmark of the National Space Institute in Denmark believes that an effect related to the Sun's fluctuating magnetic fields may also play a major role in the warming. For well over a decade Svensmark has studied how the energetic particles reaching Earth from deep space, known as cosmic rays, can influence the planet's climate as a result of changes to the Sun's output.

The idea is that cosmic rays seed clouds by ionizing molecules in Earth's atmosphere that draw in other molecules to create the aerosols around which water vapour can condense to form cloud droplets. The low-lying clouds that result then have the effect of cooling the Earth by reflecting incoming sunshine back out to space.

Since the Sun's magnetic field tends to deflect cosmic rays away from the Earth, the planet will be warmer when solar activity is high and, conversely, cooler when it is low. For more on Henrik Svensmark's research see: But in the current issue of Science, researchers at The Mount Sinai Medical Center offer a radical view of health - seeing it more as a cooperative state among cells, while they see disease as result of cells at war that fight with each other for domination.

Their unique approach is backed by experimental evidence. The researchers show a network of genes in cells, which includes the powerful tumor suppressor p53, which enforce a cooperative state within cells - rather like the queen bee in a beehive. Disease or disorder occurs when these enforcer genes are mutated, allowing competition between cells to ensue.

The findings, if backed by future research, offer a new way to address disease, Dr. Understanding the genetic basis of cooperative and competitive cellular behaviors could explain how cancer and immune system dysfunction develops, he says. It also makes sense that the immune system might detect and attack cells that are not cooperating.

Failure to cooperate may also underlie development of birth defects. They do not operate like little machines," he says.Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Steve Durst discusses Galaxy Exploration and Development in ' / AA Aquarius Age: The Next Years' Deep Impact / Epoxi NASA spacecraft Comet Hartley-2 flyby November 12 -- Asian Games, Guangzhou, China -- This ' / AA' Essay to be included in Time Capsules to be secured in at least 2 centrally accessible locations.

The Future Of The Nasa Space Program - More capital should be invested in space technology, and thereby the NASA program, in order to advance sustainable development technologies.

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Epoxi to comet hartley 2 essay

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Sign up. Branch: master. Switch branches/tags. Branches;. Water in the Moon, Scientist says Friday, November 27, as part of its extended EPOXI mission and at the request of the M3 team, made infrared detections of water and hydroxyl as part of a calibration exercise during several close approaches of the Earth-Moon system en route to its planned flyby of comet P/Hartley 2 in November

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