Analytical hierarchy process approach for selecting

The success of a business depends heavily on the business 2. Various criteria affect the selection of the business site; hence decision makers will need to come to a consensus when evaluating In this literature review section, the study will discuss about the criteria that affects the selection of a business site.

Analytical hierarchy process approach for selecting

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Analytical hierarchy process approach for selecting

Highway engineers first used it to determine the optimum scope of the projectthen to justify its budget to lawmakers. China is an example—nearly a hundred Chinese universities offer courses in AHP, and many doctoral students choose AHP as the subject of their research and dissertations.

Over papers have been published on the subject in China, and there is at least one Chinese scholarly journal devoted exclusively to AHP. A wide range of topics are covered. Use[ edit ] A typical device for entering judgments in an AHP group decision making session As can be seen in the material that follows, using the AHP involves the mathematical synthesis of numerous judgments about the decision problem at hand.

It is not uncommon for these judgments to number in the dozens or even the hundreds. While the math can be done by hand or with a calculator, it is far more common to use one of several computerized methods for entering and synthesizing the judgments.

The simplest of these involve standard spreadsheet software, while the most complex use custom software, often augmented by special devices for acquiring the judgments of decision makers gathered in a meeting room.

The procedure for using the AHP can be summarized as: Model the problem as a hierarchy containing the decision goal, the alternatives for reaching it, and the criteria for evaluating the alternatives.

Establish priorities among the elements of the hierarchy by making a series of judgments based on pairwise comparisons of the elements. For example, when comparing potential purchases of commercial real estate, the investors might say they prefer location over price and price over timing. Synthesize these judgments to yield a set of overall priorities for the hierarchy.

This would combine the investors' judgments about location, price and timing for properties A, B, C, and D into overall priorities for each property. Check the consistency of the judgments. Come to a final decision based on the results of this process.

Model the problem as a hierarchy[ edit ] The first step in the analytic hierarchy process is to model the problem as a hierarchy. In doing this, participants explore the aspects of the problem at levels from general to detailed, then express it in the multileveled way that the AHP requires.

As they work to build the hierarchy, they increase their understanding of the problem, of its context, and of each other's thoughts and feelings about both. Though the concept of hierarchy is easily grasped intuitively, it can also be described mathematically.

Human organizations are often structured as hierarchies, where the hierarchical system is used for assigning responsibilities, exercising leadership, and facilitating communication.

Familiar hierarchies of "things" include a desktop computer's tower unit at the "top", with its subordinate monitor, keyboard, and mouse "below.

Analytical hierarchy process approach for selecting

At each step, we focus on understanding a single component of the whole, temporarily disregarding the other components at this and all other levels. As we go through this process, we increase our global understanding of whatever complex reality we are studying.

Think of the hierarchy that medical students use while learning anatomy—they separately consider the musculoskeletal system including parts and subparts like the hand and its constituent muscles and bonesthe circulatory system and its many levels and branchesthe nervous system and its numerous components and subsystemsetc.

Advanced students continue the subdivision all the way to the level of the cell or molecule. In the end, the students understand the "big picture" and a considerable number of its details.

The analytic hierarchy process (AHP), developed at the Wharton School of Business by Thomas Saaty (), allows decision makers to model a complex problem in a hierarchical structure showing the relationships of the goal, objectives (criteria), sub-objectives, and. Methodology This study has designed to analyze the consumers’ preferences for selecting telecom operators. The nature of the study is of descriptive type with an empirical analysis. For the analytical purposes ranking of the telecom operators are being made using the Analytical Hierarchy Process . Selecting the best supplier using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method Selecting the best supplier using analytic hierarchy. An analytical hierarchy process approach. Int. J. Prod.

Not only that, but they understand the relation of the individual parts to the whole.Analytic Hierarchy Process for Design Selection of Laminated Bamboo Chair grupobittia.comksakul, grupobittia.comrantrip Abstract—This paper demonstrates the laminated bamboo chair design selection, the applicability of Analytic Hierachy.

The multi-criteria programming made through the use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process is a technique for decision making in complex environments where many variables or criteria are considered in the prioritization and selection of alternatives or projects.

The analytical hierarchy process is one of the best ways for deciding among the complex criteria structure in different levels, and the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process is a synthetic extension of the classical method when the fuzziness of the decision makers are considered.

The paper proposes the analytical hierarchy process to evaluate the available options. The importance attached by the client on these factors is evaluated and the weight attributed by each project delivery system on these factors is computed to help the client to .

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to apply an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) for the evaluation/selection of maintenance policy. Methodology/Approach: The paper adopts a case study approach of selecting most appropriate maintenance policy in. Seminar on The AHP approach for selecting an automobile purchase model Presented by Sreehari.R.S S7 Industrial Engineering C E T Abstract The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) provides a structure on decision-making processes where there are a limited numbers of choices but each has a number of attributes.

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