A vision poem simon armitage

Mothers are perhaps one of the most universal subjects of poetry, but one that is not very often read about; one can ready poems about war, or love, about family and trauma, but poems specifically about mothers such as Mother, Any Distance, seem to be a bit of a rare breed of writing. This is not to say that there are none, but that, for whatever reason, the subject matter does not come out in literature very often. Motherly love is an interesting topic to ruminate on for a poem, and something that does come out in literature — perhaps more contemporary than in other eras — is the extent to which mothers will go to please and to soothe their young.

A vision poem simon armitage

Share via Email Simon Armitage. Making poetry pay - Podcast Read more How did the poem come about, Bragg asked. He spoke of the challenge, these days, of building thinking time into a day. Did he plan his poems?

Armitage is not only a gifted performer, he is also spoken of as the next poet laureate and the most popular British poet since Philip Larkin; this month he threw his hat into the ring as a candidate to become Oxford professor of poetry sole requirement: Most of all, from the beginning of his career, Armitage has been a leading example of how a poet might impose him or herself on a culture that is increasingly disinclined to reward poetry — and earn a living from doing so.

Most first-time collections sell a few hundred copies if their authors are lucky.

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For most poets, self-promotion and performance these days are imperative in order to gain any readership at all, and Armitage — arguably the consummate poet-professional — has come round to making a virtue of that, even a kind of manifesto: A poet is the entire package.

Poetry goes back to the campfire, the theatre, and the temple.

Poetry has taken him to the Amazon and to Iceland, to the US and to New Zealand, on to helicopters, trawlers, trains; to prisons and to residencies at Eton, to conference halls filled with up to 2, GCSE students his poems are on the syllabus.

Poetry has taken Armitage to the Amazon and Iceland, to the US and New Zealand, to prisons and to Eton Over nine months, I accompanied him to some of these events, and began to see exactly how such a significant presence has to be shaped and managed — and to realise that, in this regard, Armitage has a mastery developed over decades of give and take between what has been demanded of him and what he chooses to offer.

In West Yorkshire, where he grew up, I did not suggest an itinerary — he did. When we climbed to the top of Pule Hill, I knew he had been there with journalists before, also tracing the lineaments of his poems and life: His description of the process was as gentle and blokey, self-mocking and sincere as he often is in person.

But it also smuggled in a very controlled picture of how he wants to be seen. During our walks, and before and after various events to which I accompanied him, Armitage almost always gave generous and direct answers to my many questions.

But I was also — unintentionally, I think — given a masterclass in brand management, all the more skilful because, while not necessarily always reflective of the distance he has travelled from his roots, it does not feel fake.

Along the way, I met many critics who thought none of this could replace high seriousness: Back on stage in London, Bragg took the issue head on.

A vision poem simon armitage

Was Armitage aware of the criticism? But if I sheared away the prose and teaching and drama? Yeah, I would still get by.Simon Robert Armitage CBE (born 26 May ) is an English poet, playwright and novelist.

A vision poem simon armitage

He is professor of poetry at the University of Leeds. On 19 June , Armitage was elected to the part-time position of Oxford Professor of Poetry, succeeding Geoffrey grupobittia.com: Simon Robert Armitage, 26 May (age 55), Huddersfield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England.

A Vision Poem Simon Armitage CV – Simon Armitage Simon Armitage was a prohibition officer for 6 years. In the poem CV he describes a life of a . Browse through Simon Armitage's poems and quotes.

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12 poems of Simon Armitage. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. a British poet, playwright, and grupobittia.com and careerSimon Armitage was.

The best poems by Simon Armitage Since his debut collection, Zoom!, appeared in when he was still in his mid-twenties, Simon Armitage has become one of the most feted, read, and studied contemporary English poets.

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May 16,  · Deirdre Barlow's finest scene (from Mike's 60th Birthday episode: Coronation Street ) - Duration: Literature Today UK 6, views. Three audio files intended to aid study and revision of 'A Vision' by Simon Armitage.

One is a straight forward reading of the poem (No SFX), one a reading with sound effects, and one a commentary on the poem.

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